Viking Dress Pattern

This is a pattern based on a website I found once upon a time, that sadly no longer exists, so I am recreating the drawing and measurements that I use before I do something stupid and lose my paper and never be able to sew an apron dress again.

You need three measurements
1) Around the widest part of hte bust + seam allowance
2) Length from chest to waist (from top of where you want the apron dress to where the flare should start)
3) Waist to hem (from where flare starts to however long you want)



Dress form

I can’t even pretend to have come up with this on my own, somebody shared it on facebook and I am posting it here so I can find it after I have lost a bit more of the baby weight. As a 6′ tall woman all patterns require modifying. Much easier to sew when I don’t need to rely on my husband pinning my dresses to alter them.